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Independent auxiliary power unit AP-18DM

  • Electric power supply to the vehicle on-board power system with the main engine shut down
  • Storage batteries (SB) recharging  function
  • Additional power supply to facilitate starting of the vehicle engine
  • Air conditioning in the vehicle crew compartment at a standstill and on the move (only for AP-18DM)
Main technical specifications
  • Maximum power (under normal atmospheric conditions), kW


  • Voltage  (under te load current between 10 and 600 А), V


  • Time to readiness for loaded operation (from the moment the Start button is depressed), sec


  • A/C refrigerating capacity , kW

up to 6

  • Air flow through A/C compressor, m3/min


  • Intake-output air temperature difference (delta), оС


  • A/C heating capacity, kW

up to 8

  • Fuel used :   
    • main - diesel
    • substituite - kerosene, gasoline
  • Weight, kg


  • Dimensions, mm


  • GTE with reduction gear
  • DC starter-generator
  • fuel-oil unit
  • APU control unit
  • ignition unit
  • control panel (mounted separately)
  • independent oil system
  • air cleaning system with dust suction fan
  • A/C control unit
  • A/C compressor
  • turbo-expander A/C add-on unit
  • fine fuel filter
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